Coursera Data Science Specialization

December 22, 2014

Since April 2014 I’ve been taking part in Data Science Specialization, put together by Coursera and Johns Hopkins University.

The specialization consists of nine courses that cover concepts and tools used in the entire scientific data analysis process, from asking the right questions to making statistical inferences and publishing results as data products or analysis reports.

I passsed all nine courses with distinction, and finalized the Wordiction (word prediction) app in the scope of Capstone project with maximum number of unadjusted points.

According to preliminary results (just received wrapup email from instructors):

…Since April, the specialization has accumulated more than 2.3 million enrollments and issued more than 68,000 verified certificates. More than 800 participants joined this capstone session, and it looks like nearly 500 will earn the specialization certificate this time around…

Now it will take some time for the instructors and Coursera teams to calculate final grades and issue certificates. So looking forward to getting to know the results, and hopefully be one of those 500 obtaining the specialization certificate of this inaugural class.