World Cup 2014 - soccer team and player stats

June 19, 2014

World Cup 2014 is an R application developed on Shiny server. It presents in tabular format detailed team and player stats during World Cup 2014, obtained from website.

The app highlights detailed metrics at team and player level in the following categories:

  • Goals scored (penalties, assits, left or right foot, header)
  • Shots (shots, attempts on and off the target, etc.)
  • Shots positions (attempts, inside or outside the box, etc.)
  • Attacking (solo runs, offsides, lost balls, tackles)
  • Defending (tackles, clearances, saves, blocks, recovered balls)
  • Disciplinary (yellow and red cards, fouls suffered and committed)
  • Passes (passes completed, crosses, corners, throw-ins)
  • Distance (distance covered when in and not in possession, top speed)

Initially, the app loads scoring related data for all participating teams.

It is possible to view data related to specific team, by simply selecting a team in the dropdown. It is also possible to monitor other metrics by selecting the desired one in the Metric dropdown.

The data table is reactive and refreshes automatically.