Data Science Specialization Top Performers

February 19, 2015

I am so honored to having been recognized as one of top performers in the largest data science program in the world put together by Johns Hopkins Univeristy and Coursera - Data Science Specialization.

As such, I was on of the folks profiled on Simply Statistics blog, a widely read data science blog ran by Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Rafa Irizarry.

I find this a huge succes, having in mind number of people enrolled in the classes.

Since April 2014 we have enrolled 1.76 million student and awarded 71,589 Signature Track verified certificates. The first capstone class ran in October - just 7 months after the first classes launched and 4 months after all classes were running. Despite this incredibly short time frame 917 students finished all 9 classes and enrolled in the Capstone Course. 478 successfully completed the course.

Big thanks to the instructors, community TAs, all other peers for their contributions in the forums, and Coursera for putting it all together and making it possible.